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Student Trailblazers

A Leadership-Development Program for High School Students Looking to Make an Impact in Their Community

About the Program

Student Trailblazers are the next generation of leaders. They are enthusiastic about becoming advocates and community-builders, and they are eager to make an impact. 


Can’d Aid’s Student Trailblazer Campaign is a philanthropic leadership-development program in which driven high school students lead the charge in making their community a better place– all while developing crucial professional skills to help them stand out in their future endeavors.


Student Trailblazers will participate in a four-week fundraising campaign from 11/20- 12/15 with the aim of empowering young children to lead vibrant, healthy, and imaginative lives. Their efforts will provide local youth with bicycles, skateboards, art materials, and musical instruments. All nominations and applications are due by October 20th. 

Become a Student Trailblazer

Your fundraising efforts will provide underserved youth in your area with brand new bikes, skateboards, art supplies, + musical instruments to empower them to lead healthy lives!


Can’d Aid is now accepting applications and nominations for our Fall/Winter 2023 Student Trailblazer Campaign.


Got what it takes? Apply as an individual or with 1-2 others as a team. 

Know a worthy candidate? Nominate a student today. 


Once your application has been submitted, a Can’d Aid staff member will reach out with next steps regarding our Fall/Winter campaign.

The Issues We're Tackling

Today’s high school students grew up in a digital world, and as a result, they understand better than most the harmful effects too much screentime can have on mental well-being and physical health. 


As the leaders of tomorrow, Student Trailblazers are motivated to help kids in their community establish creative + active habits, resulting in meaningful, long-lasting improvements in physical and mental health among children.

Why Participate?

Develop Professional Skills

Develop entrepreneurship, networking, marketing, + project management skills to help you stand out on college and/or job applications.

Be a Community Leader

Gain recognition as an advocate in your community and complete your required community service hours. You will receive a signed letter from our Executive Director outlining your impact + service.

Make an Impact

The funds you raise will help to provide brand new bikes, skateboards, art supplies, + musical instruments to youth in your community.

About Can'd Aid

Can’d Aid was founded on the belief that everyone has the ability to give back and do good. Our programs rally volunteers from all walks of life to build thriving communities.


Student Trailblazers will raise funds to support our Treads + Trails and Music + Arts programs– allowing us to continue to expand our impact:

bikes + skateboards donated

art kits donated

musical instruments donated