Do Good.
Feel Good.

Fueled by people power.

Everyone has the ability to give
back and do good.

  • Connection to others.

    Hands-on volunteer events build community.

  • Feel good high.

    The happy byproduct of rolling up your sleeves and giving back.

  • Ripple Effect.

    Little acts of do-goodery nationwide are adding up to make big change.

Our mission.

Can’d Aid is a nationally recognized nonprofit that rallies volunteers from all walks of life to build thriving communities. Through our unique integrated approach, we distribute water, provide access and opportunities for underserved youth to experience music, arts and the outdoors; and protect and restore the environment. Fueled by people power and in direct response to evolving community needs, our programs create transformational impact.

  • We have also...

    Recycled the equivalent of 72 million cans.

  • For deserving youth, we have...

    Built 16,415 bikes and skateboards.

  • And that’s not to mention having...

    Donated 3,506 instruments.

  • And To top it all off we have...

    Donated over 3.1 million cans of water to communities post-disaster.

But We Can’t
Do It Alone!

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Our team.

Can’d Aid’s Founder + Executive Director

Diana Ralston

She oversees all aspects of the growing nonprofit’s activities, including honing the big picture vision, keeping the Board informed and engaged, securing new partners and working to launch innovative programs. Diana’s many years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and her unconventional and entrepreneurial approach are changing the way people think about philanthropy. Hardwired to create a culture of connection, her passion and enthusiasm are contagious and have helped propel Can’d Aid to the next level.

Can’d Aid’s Vice President of Strategy + Impact.

Sarah Leavitt

Sarah helps pilot new programing, strengthen and scale current projects and helps run the day-to-day details necessary for ensuring that Can’d Aid ticks.

Can’d Aid’s Director of Programs

Alyssa Lile

Alyssa oversees the long-term growth of all Can’d Aid’s signature programs and develops pilot programs in direct response to community needs. She also manages the program team, contributes to strategic planning, and implements monitoring and evaluation efforts. Her dedication to creating authentic connection helps maximize meaningful impact in communities for youth and volunteers alike.

Can'd Aid's Senior Director of Engagement

Sara Hannafin

Sara Hannafin is Can’d Aid’s Senior Director of Engagement. With over 20 years of development and engagement work for national and global nonprofits, Sara has a demonstrated commitment to building authentic relationships to secure diverse and lasting funding streams for the organization. She partnered with Can’d Aid at her previous position in the disaster relief field and was drawn to the mission long before she started working with us.

Sara has two incredible daughters, a mutt named Papa Max, and lives along the shoreline of Southern Connecticut.

Can’d Aid’s Program + Community Engagement Manager

Abbi Arneson

Abbi manages the program-related aspects of our corporate and community relationships with a specific focus in Denver, CO and Austin, TX. She oversees the long-term growth of our Music + Arts program and is continually working to streamline Can’d Aid’s behind-the-scenes program operations. Her passion for getting creative and empowering the next generation propels her efforts to continually strengthen Can’d Aid’s core programs.

Can'd Aid's Program + Community Engagement Manager

Logan Firehammer

Logan manages the program-related aspects of our corporate relationships, community partnerships, and volunteer engagement. She oversees the long-term growth of our Treads + Trails program and develops tools and processes to streamline program-related operations. She is particularly focused on growing Can’d Aid’s impact in Hartford, CT and Nashville, TN. Her background in education and passion for learning fuel her efforts to continually strengthen and improve Can’d Aid’s core programs.

Can'd Aid's Program Coordinator

Josie Johnston

Josie coordinates and implements Can’d Aid projects nationwide. She assists in strengthening and streamlining programs, processes, and community outreach initiatives. Josie also manages and creates content for all of Can’d Aid’s social media platforms. Coupled with her previous experience in outdoor education and the non-profit sector, Josie’s love of learning and taking on new challenges makes her a perfect fit for Can’d Aid’s fast-paced environment.

Our Partners.


Fostering a company-wide “Attitude that Cares,” Journeys has teamed up with Can’d Aid to build thousands of skateboards for underserved youth in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Ball Corporation

Through the Crush it Crusade, we work to launch sustainable recycling programs and educate consumers on the benefits of infinitely recyclable aluminum cans.


As a global leader in medical technology, services and solutions, the company empowers its employees to give back locally by partnering with Can’d Aid on volunteer projects.


Through Yasso’s Game On! initiative, we are building 800 bikes for underserved youth nationwide.