Do Good.
Feel Good.

Fueled by people power.

Everyone has the ability to give
back and do good.

  • Connection to others.

    Hands-on volunteer events build community.

  • Feel good high.

    The happy byproduct of rolling up your sleeves and giving back.

  • Ripple Effect.

    Little acts of do-goodery nationwide are adding up to make big change.

Our mission.

Can’d Aid is a nationally recognized nonprofit that rallies volunteers from all walks of life to build thriving communities. Through our unique integrated approach, we distribute water, provide access and opportunities for underserved youth to experience music, arts and the outdoors; and protect and restore the environment. Fueled by people power and in direct response to evolving community needs, our programs create transformational impact.

  • We have also...

    Recycled the equivalent of 72 million cans.

  • For deserving youth, we have...

    Built 6,610 bikes and skateboards.

  • And that’s not to mention having...

    Donated 2,505 instruments.

  • And To top it all off we have...

    Donated over 1.9 million cans of water to communities post-disaster.

But We Can’t
Do It Alone!

Get Involved Today

Our team.

Can’d Aid’s Executive Director

Diana Ralston

She oversees all aspects of the growing nonprofit’s activities, including honing the big picture vision, keeping the Board informed and engaged, securing new partners and working to launch innovative programs. Her 25+ years in Colorado and a myriad of nonprofit work have instilled in her a passion for the outdoors, live music and visual arts. When she’s not stubbornly struggling on her REEB single speed or at an art show, she’s probably out in search of the perfect kale salad.

Can’d Aid’s Director of Operations + Programs

Sarah Leavitt

She helps build new programs from the ground up, works to strengthen and scale current projects and helps run the more mundane day-to-day details necessary for ensuring that Can’d Aid ticks. When not serving as the defacto in-house IT Manager, Sarah enjoys riding her bike as quickly up a mountain as possible, beers around a campfire and arguing with Alyssa over what music to play in the office.

Can’d Aid’s Program and Outreach Manager

Alyssa Lile

She helps implement and streamline programs, oversees fundraising event execution and manages partnerships. Outside of Can’d Aid, she’s seeking single-track and higher elevation by bike or by foot, hanging with family and friends, and loving on everyone else’s dogs – while daydreaming about a little house in the mountains to call her own. She’s always accompanied by a soundtrack from 40+ years ago, unless she’s at the piano herself trying to resurrect the pianist she was as a kid.

Can’d Aid’s Director of Engagement

Sara Hannafin

Sara had a long-standing friendship with Can’d Aid before joining the team through her previous work at All Hands and Hearts, a disaster relief organization. Sara has over 15 years of nonprofit fundraising experience specializing in building funding streams from the ground up and securing solid long-term relationships through corporate engagement. Sara loves to cook, eat and drink. Therefore, she also runs.

Can’d Aid’s Program Coordinator

Abbi Arneson

She works to ensure that events run smoothly and that folks are engaging with Can’d Aid on all levels, from volunteering to partnerships. When she isn’t chipping away at the details of event operations, Abbi is most likely trail-running with her dog or exploring our backyard in the Rockies. She loves good food, good beer, and she definitely wants to pet your dog.

Our Partners.


Fostering a company-wide “Attitude that Cares,” Journeys has teamed up with Can’d Aid to build thousands of skateboards for underserved youth in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Ball Corporation

Through the Crush it Crusade, we work to launch sustainable recycling programs and educate consumers on the benefits of infinitely recyclable aluminum cans.


As a global leader in medical technology, services and solutions, the company empowers its employees to give back locally by partnering with Can’d Aid on volunteer projects.