Treads + Trails

Fostering healthy and active lifestyles and a love of the outdoors

Getting Kids Playing outside.

With children averaging 7 hours of screen time a day and only 1 in 5 kids receiving the daily recommended amount of exercise, we provide boards and bikes to encourage kids to opt outside.


Skateboards &


Have been built.

  • Youth + Bikes + Skateboards.

    Volunteers help build bikes and skateboards for under served youth.

  • Building and Maintaining Multi-use Trails.

    When a trail needs maintenance or restoration we rally volunteers to make it happen.

  • Berthoud Adaptive Park

    Can’d Aid is teaming up to help fund and build a much needed ADA-accessible park in Berthoud, CO.

  • Outdoor Clinics.

    We partner with professionals who teach kids the fundamentals and help them find their inner athlete.

  • Kids hangin’ with a pro!

    Our Treads + Trails Ambassadors provide unique opportunities to teach kids how to ride, skate and follow their passions. Pro mountain biking legends and professional skaters share real life experiences to help stoke kids on getting outside.

  • Tannery SkatePark.

    This people powered effort built ramps and rails for a community in need.

Treads + Trails Ambassadors.

Jeff Lenosky

When not bunny hopping his REEB bicycle up a mountain, three time National Champion and World Record Holder Jeff visits schools around the country and helps stoke a passion for riding bikes.

Neko Mulally

Neko is a professional downhill mountain bike racer, who tours the world speeding down one singletrack at a time. When not chasing the next podium, he hosts hands on bike clinics in his hometown of Brevard, NC.

Rachel Pageau

From enduro to downhill, Rachel rides and races her bikes around the world, looking for speed, success and smiles! She shares the power of bikes with other women and kids through bike clinics in North Carolina and Tennessee.

Kenny Anderson

When professional Girl/Chocolate Skateboarder Kenny Anderson isn’t grinding rails, he helps support efforts to provide new skateboards for under served youth.

Justin Eldridge

Professional Chocolate Skateboards rider helps build skateboards for deserving students nationwide.

Do good. Feel Good.

In honor of Global Recycling Day and Earth Day, Can’d Aid is celebrating by launching our Opt-To-Swap campaign to bring awareness to the benefits of infinitely recyclable aluminum, and invite you to join us in pledging to ditch single-use plastic, recycle and opt for aluminum whenever you can!

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