More than a motto

Rallying you to
do good.

Recycling + Sustainability

Doing what we can to show a little love for Mama Earth.

Crush it crusade.

Does your community or local organization need help kick starting a recycling program? Apply for a Crush it Crusade recycling grant today! We’ll getcha sorted with recycling tents/bins, training on sustainable waste management and toss enough funds your way to help get the program rolling.

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To Date, equivalent of more than


Million cans recycled!

  • River + Beach Cleanups.

    Volunteers have spent nearly 8,300 hours cleaning up much-loved rivers and beaches around the US.

  • The lungs of our world.

    We plant trees in eroded and deforested areas as an important part of ensuring a healthy outdoor habitat. We rally volunteers to plant thousands of trees around the US annually.

  • Promoting Healthy Rivers.

    We work with American Rivers, the Colorado Water Trust, RRAFT and Trout Unlimited to ensure river flows are healthy for wildlife, anglers, farmers and kayakers alike.

Do good. Feel Good.