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do good.

Crush it

Strengthening recycling efforts nationwide and
eliminating single-use plastic one can at a time.


In honor of Global Recycling Day and Earth Day, join Can’d Aid’s Opt-to-Swap movement through the end of April and plan to ditch single-use plastic, recycle, and opt for infinitely-recyclable aluminum when you can.

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Recycle every can.

We’re building a coalition of Crush it Crusaders who are leading recycling efforts in their communities! By launching local recycling programs and educating folks on the importance of infinitely recyclable aluminum, we’re on the path to eliminating plastic from landfills.

The equivalent of


Million cans recycled

  • Providing Recycling Bins.

    Each organization’s needs vary! From single-stream waste stations for events to permanent outdoor recycling receptacles, we provide bins to help get you started.

  • Training.

    Organizations needing training are trained by Eco-Cycle on waste diversion and how to manage a sustainable recycling program.

  • Funds.

    Can’d Aid kickstarts each Crush it Crusade program with the funds they need get a recycling program off the ground in their towns and communities.

  • Advocacy.

    Each partner is provided with a toolkit to help educate consumers on the benefits of infinitely recyclable aluminum.

  • Recycling Programs.

    We have successfully launched over 77 recycling programs nationwide. Need help getting a recycling program off the ground? View our grant application below.



The Crush it Crusade provides recycling bins, training and the funding needed to help get a recycling program off the ground in your community.

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Aluminum cans can be infinitely recycled.

Aluminum can be recycled over and over again and is never degraded.

In just 60 days, cans are recycled.

From shelf, to recycling bin – closed loop recycling is achieved within two month’s time.

Most recycled material on the market today.

75% of aluminum ever produced is still in use today.

$1 billion worth of recyclables are thrown away annually.

Americans throw away nearly $1 billion worth of aluminum cans each year.

A huge thanks to the Ball Corporation and Ball Foundation for their continued support of the Crush it Crusade!