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200,000 Cans of Water Sent to Flint, MI

In response to the Flint Water Crisis, CAN’d Aid teamed up with Oskar Blues Brewery to fill and ship 100,000 cans of water to families and schools facing lead water contamination.

Through a $5K grant and fundraisers in NC, CO and MI, nearly $10,000 has been raised to support lead contamination screenings and long-term health needs in the community.

See pictures.  Wanna help? Click here.




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Supporting the Appalachian Trail
CAN’d Aid has teamed up with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy to support their newly minted Conservation Leadership Corps! A class of 18-25 year olds will receive a summer of hands on training in natural resource management.

Get the full scoop on CAN’d Aid’s 2016 Treads + Trails programs here.




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Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds Record Salon Session with Denver Youth
The soulful and funkified Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds spent a day recording a salon session at Youth on Record. The Dirty Birds jammed while students managed the sound board, recorded two tracks and lent a hand with backup vocals and percussion.  In addition, CAN’d Aid donated 4 electric guitars, 3 amps, 3 tambourines and a handful of harmonicas.

Check all our 2016 TUNES efforts.


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Crushing it with the Crush it Crusade

In January, the #CrushItCrusade supported greening efforts on Jam Cruise, helping to recycle over 33,000 lbs. of waste in five days! In just two years, the #CrushItCrusade has enabled 20 organizations to operate sustainable recycling programs and has diverted 419,025 lbs. of waste. That’s the equivalent of more than 12.9 million cans recycled!

Use the #CrushItCrusade hashtag and see recycling in action .

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